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(BJJ Beginners, Intermediate & Open Mat; gi)


(BJJ Beginners, Intermediate & Open Mat; No gi)

(Open Mat; gi & no gi)



Course Descriptions

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): For students of all experience levels. After warming up, students are paired and practice drills, techniques and postures. This is followed by on-the-mat grappling at the end of the session for invaluable experience against resistant partners. There are gi classes where students train wearing the traditional Jiu-Jitsu outfit, and non-gi classes where students train in plain clothes.

Beginners: These classes are specially designed for people with no BJJ or grappling experience, as important basic techniques will be drilled. These classes are also good for more experienced students wanting to brush up on basics. Please note: Newcomers to BJJ require at least 2 months of Beginners classes after which they can come to other classes on offer.

Intermediate to Advanced: Classes for more experienced BJJ students, where more advanced techniques will be drilled. Class concludes with grappling, allowing students to practice their learnt techniques.

Open Mat: A chance for students of all experience levels to grapple and practise their learnt techniques.

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